Dear friends, as we approach the New Year and 2020 I am thinking about the environment and especially how it relates to my world of ladies fashion and designer hats in particular.

I am saddened that there seems to be so much trouble in the world, and so much waste. Because I see it everyday I also think very much about fashion. It seems like the trend has been moving more and more towards the concept of fast fashion.

Fast fashion includes garments and accessories - such as hats - that get mass produced as cheaply and as quickly possible in order to meet the latest trends. Unfortunately much of these clothes are produced in poor countries and by vulnerable people that are not paid properly for their work.

With my brand I would like to promote a different vision with the hats that I make. As some of you may know, everything that I make is handmade. My millinery designs are conceived with a focus on timeless elegance and quality. Instead of promoting fast fashion that is constantly changing based on the latest Instagram trend (promoted by lovely and beautiful supermodels like Bella Hadid or Miranda Kerr or many others), I want to offer an alternative.

I want to focus on the idea of slow fashion. Let me explain that I see my hat designs as unique pieces of glittering jewellery or fine art that you can enjoy endlessly. Beautiful things can be worn repeatedly without ever giving an impression of cheapness or boredom. This vision can be seen in the style of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who can be seen several times in the same hat and never provokes an outrage or a wave of ironic questions, ‘Does she have nothing to wear?’.

And so dear friends, to help promote my vision for slow fashion I wish to stand by my hats and offer hat restoration. Being the only hatmaker in my workshop, making every piece myself, I can afford to be convinced that MICHAETT hats will last a lifetime with gentle and proper handling. But if something goes wrong and there is a risk that the hat can no longer be worn because it is destroyed, I am ready to do my best to repair it and give it what we all desire for the New Year, a new chance for life.

~MICHAETT offers a post-warranty hat service. This service is paid. Price depends on the extent of damage. The customer will always be informed about the price in advance.

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