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From my own personal experience I know very well how finding the perfect hat that suits your face shape, and even enhancing it, is not only crucial, but it can also be a very difficult process. Just like with the perfect pair of jeans, we wish to achieve this effortless look that uplifts our facial features and hides imperfections, if there are any… :) 

With this in my mind, I have decided to create a little guide for you, that may help you with your hat choice. Whether you are new to hats or not, there are simple rules to follow, what to go for, and what to avoid. If that is not tricky enough, let me just remind you two key things: 

1,  whatever hat you choose, make sure you get the right size. And for that, I have already created a little guide, which helps you with how to measure your head to find perfect size

2, the most beautiful hats are worn with a smile and confidence. 


Rectangle face

If your face seems to be longer on the sides, or is similar to Courteney Cox, Vera Wang or Kristin Davis, you should be looking at hats with wide brims and fitted or higher crowns, such as fedora hats from square shapes, or oval berets. From the Michaett collection, summer hats Wendy and Carissa would look particularly flattering, as well as more traditional Panama hat or beret.  



Oval face

For oval faces, such as Miranda Kerr or Kirsten Stewart, we are looking for a hat with a lower crown. The reason being is to even the length of the face. Key style suggestions are fedora hats or bucket hats, which are also available at Michaett!


  Round face

For those with round faces, such as Ginnifer Goodwin or Selena Gomez, the key style are hats designed to be worn high on the hairline. This way, we will create more length and provide an antidote to the roundness. One more thing to keep in mind is to avoid any round hats! These will in contrast make your face look more fuller. My suggestions worth of considering would be bucket hats, or lower fedora hat Gemma, which would also fit perfectly. 


  Diamond face

Australians are often characterised by their diamond shaped faces. Their prominent cheekbones are slightly wider than the mid and lower forehead and their face narrows at the jawline and chin. For a better illustration, think Angelia Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Victoria Beckham or Michelle Obama as beautiful examples. In terms of hat style,  fedora hats or bucket hats would look particularly fabulous, as they help to create the illusion of length. 



  Triangle face

If your forehead is wider than your jawline and chin, then your face is triangular in shape. Same as Emma Watson, Anne Heathaway, Kaja Gerber and Celine Dion. In which case, similar to diamond shape, fedora hats, square bucket hats or even berets would be my key hat style suggestions to go. 


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