Fascinator Olivia

Dear friends,
Last year I found myself wrapped in a coat and with a rabbit felt fedora bumped up to my nose. Before my move to Australia it was cold in the Czech Republic. Temperatures well below freezing and to think that by that time it was already approaching spring in Prague. And so began my trip around the world to sunny hot Australia! But after a few weeks in Australia summer turned to autumn and so once again I reached back in the box and again pulled out my fedora. Seasons change and today I can begin to feel whispers of spring. 

And to celebrate this new season of warmth and celebration it gives me great joy to produce my newest hat which I will introduce today, as a call of welcome to Spring! This hat has an oval shape and was inspired by Easter eggs - a painted egg, which in Europe is a symbol of Easter - the great holiday of Christians and the holiday of spring. The time when everything wakes up from the long winter, and when my wardrobe necessarily needs new shoes, because stepping into the new season in the "old" just is not possible! And of course with the new shoes must go a new model hat, which this beautiful season completely demands. 
Now in Australia, my spring celebration will be mixed with the fun and the excitement of the opening of the races and the Melbourne Cup Carnival spring season. This is necessarily a time of horse-riding and sportsmanship but also, as in Britain's Ascot, a show of stunning ladies hats.
That is my inspiration for this new hat Olivia, my first of this warm summer season. This hat is a fascinator and a fresh and natural take on the beauty of nature, and perfect for the beginning of spring. It is made of light sinamay straw in white colour. The sinamay is then used as a canvas for delicately hand-embroidered flowers and leaves, of all shapes and bright colours.

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