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How else can I begin other than tell you all about my first handmade hat, here - in Australia. With my new project in Australia I would like to release my imagination and give my hats a bolder face. This is the first hat I have made here in Australia and I am calling her Charlotte. And what was my inspiration for this hat? The Cockatoo parrot. 

Cockatoos are everywhere around me. They have beautiful light colour feathers and big and strong bodies (and loud voices!). And when I recently saw the new collections from the overseas designers - including sandals with feathers, in my head I saw this hat. In the end my choice for feathers was green, because I like the coolness of this subtle of this colour. But this hat will be a great look with any colour combination. Light with pink or yellow, lilac with lilac tones, black with orange ...

And it is made from velour fur felt. This material comes from the Czech Republic, because I believe they make the best material for my hats. But my eyes are wide open and I will be looking for the next great material for the MICHAETT brand. You never know what you might find.

This hat has a Fedora shape with the brim turned up. This hat is for ladies and  perfect for casual and special occasions. It has a solid feel while the feathers in the back of the hat gently soften the overall aesthetic.  Of course I can't forget the AE badge, my mark of quality and uniqueness.

And why did I decide to name her Charlotte? First because of the history of the country where I was born, the Czech Republic. Charlotte Garrigue was the wife of the first Czechoslovak president Tomas Garrigue Masaryk. She was born in the USA and came to Czechoslovakia as a foreigner, the same way that I am coming to to Australia as someone from overseas. Charlotte was more than intelligent and strong woman.  She inspired her husband to do many great things for my country! 

In many ways she is my great inspiration.  And the second reason for choosing the name Charlotte is much closer to my new home.  Charlotte is the most favourite name for girls in this country in last year.

I hope you will enjoy Charlotte as much as I do.

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Nice design inspiration :-)

Lila June 02, 2019

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