A charismatic and vivacious Czech milliner, Michaela Šonská is the founder of the brand Michaett and the sole creator of its extraordinary headpieces. She opened her first atelier outside of Europe in Canberra Australia, after several years of activity in the creative district of Karlin in Prague, Czech Republic. Michaela’s journey began in the royal European capital, thanks to learning from the renowned milliner Hana Hniličková, who returned to Prague after her career as a professor at a private millinery school in the Netherlands. Although it is not only this passing of skills and knowledge that anticipated Michaela's promising hat design future in contemporary fashion. The independent hat creator enjoys the combination of process with fine materials, the uniqueness of colours and the precision of working by hand.

There are no boundaries when it comes to her passion for hats and they form the centre piece of her daily reflection and pleasure. Michaela's decision to take her first course in hatmaking came out of the blue as an unexpected surprise. But shortly after taking her first hatmaking course, she was overcome by her interest and inspired to sell her first creations in one of Prague's hat shops.

She created her first « yellow cake hat », for her grandmother, who herself was a hat maker in the town of Prerov. Michaela inherited all her precious traditional millinery tools and still uses her grandmother’s beautiful wooden blocks to shape each new handmade original hat. Her strong desire and modern focus inspire her to make and refine each Michaett hat today, bringing creativity and colour to a timeless women’s accessory.

My appreciation for culture and diversity has led me to value originality completely.  This style philosophy has led me to offer each MICHAETT hat as a one-of-a-kind original, each one made by hand with care and attention to every last detail.  This means that we endeavour to make each of our hat designs in a particular colour only once, permitting the wearer to enjoy a true original.  I also strive to help my customers realise their creative vision whatever that may be.  For this I look forward to receiving our client's design requests and colour specifications through our contact page here.
«  I am a hat for every head, simply designed to be worn anywhere you wish to go, because in any place and at every moment I am your best companion. »